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The FETA cheese tradition of Dabiza family began on 1946 in Vlasti, Kozani by Ilias Dabizas. Due to the feta’s excellent quality and taste the company presented rapid development.

In 1971 the company moved to its privately owned premises (4000 square meters) in Galatista, Halkidiki where it continued to produce the same traditional FETA OF HALKIDIKI (Protected Designation of Origin). At a short period of time the company created a state of the art unit in Lyxna, Limnos where it specializes in the production of traditional products such are the handmade cheese KALATHAKI LIMNOU (Protected Designation of Origin) and FETA LIMNOU (Protected Designation of Origin). It should be mentioned that for the specific products all dairy products come from free grazing animals.

Today the third generation of the Dabiza family keeps alive the dream of its founder. With the same principles, care and love produces products coming exclusively from 100% Hellenic, fresh, sheep and goat milk gathered from units in Halkidiki and Limnos. In cooperation with the specialized staff (50 people), and depending on the company’s needs checks are regularly made not only during production but also during the storage of products.

All check controls are made based on the following quality systems:

1.H.A.C.C.P  according to the ELOT 1416 standard

2.ISO 9001:2000/ ΕΝ 9001:2000


4.ISO 22000

In order to be able to respond to contemporary needs we have also developed packaging processes. Apart from packaging in white tin containers, our products can also be found in vacuum and taper packages. Feta can be found in 200gr, 500gr and 2kg while Kalathaki can be found in 500gr and 1kg.

Our company supplies all large super markets in Greece, while we export our products in GERMANY, FRANCE, AUSTRIA, HOLLAND and elsewhere.
Our sales in Greece and abroad gives us the advantage of offering high quality products in competitive prices!

Galatista Chalkidikis - Greece, P.C. 630 73
Τ. +30 23710 31357, F. +30 23710 31231

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